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limousine service in Berlin, Germany

Limousine services have great popularity among people now. If you are among those who use limousine services oftentimes or even from time to time, it is what we are really good at, especially if you live in Berlin. Sterling Limousine offers the best premium-quality limo service in Berlin. We have hired professional drivers trained to offer you first-class service, taking care of every single need you have. 


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Sterling Limousine offers the best premium-quality limo service in Berlin. We have hired professional drivers trained to offer you first-class service, taking care of every single need you have. 

Are you planning a luxury business ride or a VIP ride in/around Berlin city? Do you worry too much about your style and the way you appear in special meetings or ceremonies? Limousine Service in Berlin provided by Sterling Limousine is the best solution you can ever find.


limousine car at night


The best limo service in Berlin city/Ciudad


Sterling Limousine offers the best comfort and the best stylish rides throughout Berlin and Germany. We provide limousine service to take you to the airport, special/business meetings, special ceremonies, or even a tour around the city. All the vehicles recruited in Sterling Limousine are amongst the best high-tech limousines produced by Mercedes Benz. We keep them clean and always in style.

The technical condition of the vehicles is perfect and the chauffeurs are among the best professional drivers trained to take you safely and comfortably to your destination.  We offer three classes of cars that you can choose from based on your specific needs: Business class, First-class, and business van. You can also choose among three types of services: one-way, two-way, and hourly limousine pickups.


limousine service in Germany


With your professional driver, traverse Berlin with the best limousine service in Berlin


There are many customers who travel to Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz, Kurfürstendamm, Hackescher Markt, and Friedrichstraße, which are governmental districts. After conducting a tour business there, we can take you to Museum Island which is host to the best galleries and museums in the whole of Europe. And how about Kreuzberg and Neukölln? There you can find bohemian bars and nightspots and have a perfect night of joy. We have also amazing attractions in the east of Berlin.


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These attractions are related to the former Communist regime of Germany. There are beautiful parks, fabulous architecture, and fine museums. Our courteous drivers speak English and have a great knowledge of Berlin.

In our limousine service in Berlin, the drivers take the quickest road and try to lower your expenses as much as possible. They also give you a lot of information about the history and background of Berlin and all the attractions it possesses. We respect our customers.


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The Perfect Shuttle service and Limousine service in Berlin, Germany

We don’t limit our limousine service to Berlin only. You can hire a limousine from other cities in Germany or in Berlin to other cities as well. Just there is one condition. Either your destination or your order place must be located in Berlin. So, don’t hesitate and reserve the perfect limousine service in Berlin through our application, or you can book a car on our website. And if you are not comfortable with the online reservation, you can just call us at +49 176 8435 606.

Our outstanding customer service team is active 24/7 and helps you solve your problems and reserve a luxury transportation service based on your specific need.


Mercedes S class Limousine service

The best limousine service in Berlin for Corporate customers


Corporate customers can have access to all the luxury services available to individual customers, of course with extra discounts and special services available to them. So all the corporates in Berlin can enjoy booking our limousine services.

Sterling Limousine is the best limo service in Berlin


Business and corporate customers from different sectors of the country can enjoy our special services according to their local or international needs. We guarantee all the corporate owners’ wishes and meet all their needs.

We have a modern and full-service fleet of Mercedes-Benz limousines with courteous drivers and offer the best limousine service in Berlin. We provide the best luxury transportation service in Berlin and most customers have had a joyful and satisfactory ride with us.


S class limousine in Berlin


Stay safe and comfortable, even in times of pandemic


Sterling limousine is famous due to its extra attention to every detail. We take care of our customers and we know that customers are always right. In special times such as pandemics, our team takes extra safety measures to protect your health. That is why we claim to be the best limousine service in Berlin.


We drive you through our premium limousine service in Berlin, even in times of crisis.


We have special prices during crisis. So, be sure that reserving a limousine service from Sterling Limousine is not going to be expensive, even in times of crisis.

We have adapted all our working procedures so that we can take comprehensive and extra-cautious safety measures to prevent infection.

Sterling Limousine helps you through all your trips, whether it’s for personal purchases, individual trips to the doctor, or even for your business meetings.

When there is a pandemic across the world or country, our limousine service is a perfect alternative to air, bus, and train. We provide all the amenities required by most passengers such as WIFI, a writing table, and even a fine bar.


premium limousine service in Berlin

Sterling limousine takes care of everyone’s safety


We observe our chauffeurs and personnel closely to ensure their health. We bring them safely to work and home. So, we keep them safe to keep you safe.

We bring your employees safely to work and back. Ask us about the special INTERLINE shuttle concepts!


Special limousine service for risk groups such as elderly


There are some who are called risk groups. Elderly people or those with pre-existing conditions are among those risk groups who must be particularly taken care of. If you want your guests to be safe and don’t put them at risk, we offer special limousine services which are of great quality.

Older people and people with pre-existing conditions are particularly at risk. If you do not want to put yourself or your guests under the circumstances and risk - we offer a safe alternative to bus and train.

Taking extra safety measures is much easier in our up-to-date vehicles and you can travel long distances with us without being worried about being infected.

Hygiene measures are what we prefer for our passengers because we take care of our friends! And you are our dearest friends.

During the pandemic times such as coronavirus, SARS, etc., our limousine services are compliant with all the hygiene regulations and rules. This is because we see nothing more important and worthier than our employees and our customers’ health.


the best limo service in Berlin


The best limousine service in Berlin, Germany


After every service, our vehicles are disinfected with the best disinfectants on the market which cause no irritation or any sensitivity among people. We do this by normal standard cleaning procedures. Our staff and chauffeurs are also sent for regular health check-ups to see if they are in complete health. All the sensitive and hard-to-see areas of the vehicles such as headrests, door handles, and even the narrowest parts of the vehicle are paid attention to during the cleaning process.
our drivers wear standard face masks and put their gloves on all the journeys. Their masks and gloves are changed regularly and they are fully aware of how to show correct and safe behaviors during the pandemic times.


woman getting off a limousine service car


A premium Limousine service knows how to keep the distance


Since there are fewer people seating in our limousine cars, we are flexible enough to keep the distance and stay at safe distances.


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