Private Airport Transfers from Brandenburg Berlin Airport to anywhere in Germany

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You need to travel from the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) to somewhere in the city? Sterling Limousine offers you the best airport transfer to and from BER, Berlin Brandenburg Airport to anywhere in Germany.

Private Airport Transfers from Brandenburg Berlin Airport to anywhere in Germany

Waiting in the airport taxi stand or in line to get your turn for hailing a Berlin taxi airport is really tiring and troublesome, specially when you have traveled a long journey on business. Every one knows that you don’t have to use the public transportation, which is far from convenient and it is time-wasting. Besides, in this way you have to carry all your luggage until you get to your destination. A private airport transfer has solved all of this with a fair price and lots of comfort.

BER airport has lots of private transfer companies waiting for you to pick among them. After a quick search and comparison, you will finally find the best option in terms of value for money and comfort. We are quite sure that the best deals and discounts belong to Sterling Limousine. The choice is all yours. After choosing Sterling Limousine as your private airport transfer, you’ll see your professional chauffeur/driver standing at the Arrivals Hall upon your landing at Brandenburg Berlin Airport. Even in case you have long delays.



As long as you enter the waiting hall, the professional driver of Sterling Limousine will be waiting for you the vehicle of your choice will be parked in the exit door; so, a pleasant, quick and safe transfer to your accommodation place will be on the way. During the private airport transform from Berlin airport to your stay, the driver will give you tips and advice about the conditions in the capital of Germany.


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Why Choose Sterling Limousine’s Private Brandenburg Berlin Airport Transfer?

Is it hard to choose a perfect Berlin airport transfer service? Here are some advantages of Sterling Berlin:

  • The airport taxis don’t offer set prices, so you are never sure about the price. However, private transfers such as Sterling Limousine have fixed and set fares. So, the exact tariff of your ride will be clear and there are no extra costs or hidden fees for you.
  • Berlin Brandenburg airport has taxi services which are located outside terminal. But there is one problem; There are long lines waiting for you to get a taxi specially during peak hours.
  • Public transportation is cheaper but consider some points: you have to carry your luggage all the way, you have to check the available routes and change the transfer line if you have to, and the extra charges are unpredictable. Now you can make your mind better.
  • Drivers working for private transportation companies are professional, highly skilled, and well-experienced. The chauffeur can create lots of comfort for you.
  • The chauffeurs of Sterling Limousine private Brandenburg Berlin Airport transfer speak English fluently and they are very outgoing.
  • Besides, our drivers know the city pretty well. So, they give you some helpful tips and tricks on how to make your trip more memorable.
  • Don’t forget about the vehicles. The vehicles provided by Sterling Limousine’s private car rent, are super luxury and make you stylish more than ever.
  • We know that private limousine transfers aren’t affordable and they are costlier than taxis. However, if you aren’t traveling alone, you can split the fare and together make a luxury journey.


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Airport transfer in Berlin Brandenburg Airport

After a long flight in your journey to Germany, the last thing you want to worry about is how to arrive at your destination. The best solution is to use a luxury airport transfer provided by Limousine Service. We remove all the headaches and all the pains of your hard travel and make you look special. Especially if you are on a business trip, your chauffeur for our private business transfer in BER airport will greet you in the waiting area, helps you carry your luggage into the back of your vehicle waiting at the door of Terminal; then the driver delivers you to your accommodation or meeting place in a quiet, comfortable and luxury way.


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Berlin is a very big city with three million population, so you’d better hand the responsibility of your travel to a professional and experienced driver who knows all the corners of the city. All the Berliner people are instinctively artist and historian. Don’t be shy and ask the chauffeur for their insight about different places of the city.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Shuttle by Sterling Limousine

After flying to Berlin, you’ll land on the city’s airport, Berlin Brandenburg (BER), which is not far from the city center. So, your distance from where you want to be is no more than half an hour. You have such a character that you can’t stand waiting in long queues for taxi or deciphering the public transportation map of a large city such as Berlin, Sterling Limousine’s outstanding airport transfer is a great option. We have a tracking system and our professional chauffeur knows expect a delay and can adjust himself accordingly.


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Get to where you need to be just on time

Berlin is city of fundamental central paradoxes that is the political capital of the diligent and reserved German people and it is also reputable for being the home of many radical parties and social groups. We have a rich history full of turbulence and diversity. Berlin is the city of where sharp contrasts are seen. From the Jungle of Marzahn to the modern and fashionable district of Neukoln, you can feel like you step on a different country wherever you go.

For whatever reason you travel to Berlin (be it a business travel or a special event), here you’ll want to make the most of every minute available. Weather you’re headed to recreational areas such as our famous nightclubs/bars, Potsdamer Platz for a business engagement, or to our classic museums, we’ll get you to your destination in the most stylish and comfortable way possible. Sterling Limousine offers you the best airport transfer to and from BER, Berlin Brandenburg Airport to anywhere in Germany.


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How to get from Berlin Airport to a hotel in the downtown with Private airport Chauffeur transfer

You need to travel from the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) to somewhere in the city? BER is one of the largest most popular airports chosen by most passengers traveling to Berlin. Berlin Brandenburg Airport is 11 km away from the city center, and without traffic jam, you’ll get there in 15 minutes.  You can order a private luxury car online on our website or order on our application available on Appstore and Google Play. Low-cost and luxury berlin airport transfers and private pick-up services from Brandenburg (BER) to downtown is a popular feature among tourists. Besides, when your destination is no more than 35 kilometers away from the BER airport, no matter which location with what traffic conditions you go, our fares are fixed and they will not change.


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Our driver/chauffeur is seen right at the arrival terminal with a sign held with his hands with your info written on it. Don’t worry if your flight is delayed, our driver will know about the changes and adjusts himself accordingly. So, you’ll reach your destination in no time. Our experienced driver will guide you to the luxury vehicle you booked before with style and comfort.

During the travel, Sterling Limousine’s professional drivers inform you about the must-see locations of the city and help you have a comfortable and joyful stay in Berlin. The Drivers of Sterling are fluent in foreign languages, especially English. The personal car drivers in Berlin provided by Sterling Limousine can show you memorable sights such as: the charming Charlottenburg Castle, the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, the Berlin Wall, the Pergamon Museum, the Reichstag Building, the Museum Island, the Checkpoint Charlie, and many more.



How to get to Downtown from Berlin airport pretty fast and cheap?

Sterling Limousine’s business class transfer service helps you organize a travel from Berlin to any destination you’d like. The price of the trip will never increase after completion, so, don’t worry about the faire. We can even get you to anywhere in Germany on favorable conditions. Sterling’s professional driver will move you to hotel and helps you unload your luggage towards the hotel room. You just need to choose an appropriate car and its class, tell us the number of passengers, the amount of your luggage, and tell us if you need a child seat. You can pay online and use our website or application to book a luxury ride. As of right now, inexpensive transfer services in our company cost much cheaper than hiring a taxi.

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What is a private airport transfer?

Private airport transfers are pre-booked services from or to Berlin Brandenburg airport. After booking an airport private transfer, the driver will be waiting for you at the airport and the reserved car will be parked at the termina door. Moreover, the driver gives you useful information about Berlin and how to have a luxury and comfortable stay. And depending on the booking arrangements and conditions, extra amenities will be provided.


How can I book a private airport transfer?

The booking process is so easy. Just enter the Sterling Limousine website and fill out the booking form. You need to specify the exact date and time, the departure and destination points. You can also choose the vehicle of your preference. After the online payment, the confirmation email will be sent to your email. All this process can be done on the mobile application, as well. Or if you don’t like such digital processes, just call us, we’ll do everything for you.


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